Pinlab is proud to present the Danish Pinball Open 2018.

At DPO you will be able to buy good quality food at fair prices both Saturday and Sunday. You will also be able to buy sodas and snacks. We have a great big venue with perfect conditions. We will put up nearly 50 machines in great condition to give our guess at great experience.

If you have any questions, send an email to bme@nordicevent.dk We will answer your mail as quickly as possible.

The address for the event is Kirsten Walthers vej 5, 2500 Valby – Copenhagen

Remember to spot your timeslot in the main qualification which will be available one week before the tournament. Also remember to play the qualification in the side tournament while you have the time – the slot are open 10 hours between 9am to 7pm on Saturday, but watch out that you don’t wait until it is to late.

We look forward to a great Danish Pinball Open – STERN PRO CIRCUIT edition